RezTred Anti Slip Resin

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Tube of RezTred Resin
Tube of RezTred Resin to accompany the Anti Slip Tread Kits.RezTred Resin can be applied onto virtually any surface including natural stones, terrazzo, ceramics, porcelains, glazed tiles, metal treads, wood and glass.Suitable for external use offering R12 resistance and meets the requirements of DIN67510 Part 4.Application temperature +15degC.Drying times approx.
100 - 120 mins @ 20degC
45 - 50 mins @ 30degC
20 - 25 mins @ 40degCTheoretical coverage
Width Thickness Coverage
10mm 1mm 38m
20mm 1mm 19m
50mm 1mm 7.6mApplicator Gun
Applicator Gun to be combined with the RezTred Tube of Resin in order to apply resin into the RezTred stencil.
  • Two Gripper Plates
  • Aluminium Handle and Metal Trigger
  • Patented adjustable screw to cut thrust gaps
  • High-performance Drive (Easy on the hand)
  • Suitbale for high Viscosity Sealant
Additional RezTred Stencils:10mm Strip Stencil - 1.2m25mm Strip Stencil - 1.2m25mm Disc Stencil - 1.2mReplacement Nozzle
A replacement nozzle for the tube of resin and applicator gun from the RezTred Anti Slip Tread Kit. If the resin is left in the nozzle un-used for 15 minutes or longer, the resin will set and a replacement nozzle will be needed.Cleaning solution
The 3M™ VHB™ Surface Cleaner consists of a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in the ratio of 90 :10.<h5>The 3M™ VHB™ surface cleaner can be applied on different smooth materials like metals, plastics or painted surfaces; however, compatibility should be checked beforehand.</h5>
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